Associated Rights

Shareholders' Rights

Shareholders rights (tokenholders) are clearly stated in the Swiss Code of Obligations (CO). If these rights are not respected, tokenholders can take legal action against the team.
  • Dividends and liquidation proceedings (Art. 660 CO)
  • Right to participate in the general meeting and to vote (Art. 692 CO)
Certain start-ups offer non-voting shares that don't grant the ability to vote during general meetings. Apart from voting rights, these shares hold identical rights as voting shares.
  • Various Information Rights (e.g. Art. 697 CO (depicted), Art. 697b CO)
Shareholders of non-voting shares can submit a written request for information (Art. 656c CO).
  • Subscription right for new shares (Art. 652b CO)
  • Protective rights (e.g. action for responsibility, Art. 754 CO)
  • Criminal Actions against the board for company mismanagement (Art. 158 of Swiss Criminal Code)
  • Liability for wrong information given during the IPO (Art. 69 Federal Act on Financial Services)