Arcton introduces a brand new liquidity approach for startup shares based on Camelot's AMM.

Deep Sustainable Liquidity

After each IPO, the startup provides initial liquidity to the pool (cf. Seeding). This liquidity is locked, guaranteeing a stable and deep pool of funds. Our liquidity pool operates on Camelot's AMM V2.

Incentive Programm

We've designed a special liquidity incentive program for each startup. This program allows Liquidity Providers (LPs) to earn extra rewards.
All rewards are distributed to LPs. The startup does not earn any additional shares.

Limited Supply

In traditional crypto projects, token inflation is always a big concern for investors, as tokens can be created at will, and team members might liquidate their tokens.
Startup shares can only be created according to a regulated process, protecting existing investors (cf. Minting New Tokens).
Moreover, team members don't own any tokenized shares. Their shares are deliberately kept as paper-based, preventing them from selling on the secondary market. This approach significantly limits token supply, maintaining a healthier balance.