Incentive Program

Arcton uses a liquidity approach based on non-fungible staked positions, dubbed spNFTs. By depositing their spNFT into the Nitro Pool, users can participate in the incentive program.

How does it work?

Each LP has its own staking positions (or spNFTs) that users can mint by wrapping LP tokens (i.e. depositing them on the relevant contract).
Step 1: The user creates a position, by providing startup shares and stablecoins.
Step 2: The deposit is sent to a specific corresponding NFTPool contract, and the user receives a staking position NFT. This spNFT can be viewed as a kind of deposit receipt.
The spNFT serves as the sole proof of ownership for withdrawing funds; thus, whoever holds the spNFT effectively owns the associated LPs, regardless of the initial depositor.
Step 3: The users can deposit their spNFT into the Nitro Pool
Step 4: The user receives additional rewards by participating in the incentive program of the respective startup.

What kind of rewards do users get?

Users earn extra shares of the startup when they supply liquidity.
We aim to provide a strong incentive for LPs. The amount of shares distributed as an incentive is equal to the amount of shares that the startup adds to the liquidity pool.