Money Masters IPO

IPO Details:

  • IPO Phases: The IPO will be conducted in two main phases: Registration and Sale.
  • Public Sale: The public sale will be further divided into three stages, where the shares are sold at three different prices

Investment Details:

  • Instrument: Tokenised Shares
  • Soft Cap: 650,000 USD
  • Hard Cap: 1.32M USD
  • Pre-Money Valuation: 5.5M USD
  • Blockchain Platform: Arbitrum

IPO Timeline & Price*

  • Registration Phase: October 17th - November 11th
  • Token Sale: November 11th - November 13th:
    • Stage 1: $0.32 per share
    • Stage 2: $0.36 per share
    • Stage 3: $0.40 per share

Next Steps:

For a detailed walkthrough of the Registration and Public Sale phases, please refer to our subsequent subpages:
*All prices are calculated in Swiss Francs (CHF). For a detailed breakdown of the numbers refer to the Public Sale Phase Details.