Arcton is a next-generation crowdfunding platform, which introduces a brand new asset class to Web 3 users: Start-up Shares. This asset class is made available via start-up IPOs.

Addressing Traditional Investment Challenges

Traditional investment in Web2 start-ups often requires substantial capital, typically around USD 50,000 per start-up. Moreover, investors have to wait up to 10 years before they can sell their shares. As a result, only the wealthiest 3% of the population can invest in this lucrative asset class.

Arcton's Approach: Access and Liquidity

At Arcton our mission is to democratize start-up investments. Investors can invest in start-ups with smaller amounts, and our secondary market ensures investors can sell their shares whenever they want.

Our Key Objectives

  • To democratize start-up investments, by allowing everyone to invest in start-ups.

  • To provide investors with deep, sustainable liquidity for their investment.

  • To enable Web3 investors to invest in Web2 start-ups by purchasing real shares, of real companies, generating real revenue.

  • To provide investors with a secure regulatory framework for their investment, by using the newly created Swiss DLT Bill to tokenize shares.

  • To allow start-ups to raise funds and liquidity in a completely decentralized and community-driven way.

  • To bridge Real World Assets with DeFi, by tokenizing shares within a secure legal framework, and making them freely tradable with our partner Camelot.

Real World Assets

We firmly believe that Real World Assets are the way forward for Decentralized Finance and will benefit investors, start-ups, and the ecosystem.

Currently, DeFi mostly involves crypto projects, which can sometimes be risky due to a lack of regulation. This has kept DeFi small compared to Web2. Its total value lags behind even individual major Web2 companies, such as Apple.

By bringing real shares from real companies into DeFi, we're opening doors for DeFi to transcend its current boundaries and provide investors with enhanced protection.

Permissionless Trading

We firmly believe that offering investors control over their shares without any consent or intervention from us is essential and that this should be the new standard for investing in shares.

Our secondary market will be completely permissionless to give all investors the equal opportunity to buy and sell their shares whenever they want.

Next-gen yield & incentives

A key feature for Arcton is the introduction of a brand new liquidity approach based on non-fungible staked positions.

These yield-bearing positions will allow LPs to boost their yields on their shares through the introduction of an attractive incentive program.

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