Due Diligence

Before you can invest in a startup, each startup must undergo the following steps:

Phase 1: Pre-Screening

We get to know the founders and make an initial assessment of the startup based on the following factors:


In early stage startup investing team is everything. We look for experience, business acumen, leadership, the ability to embrace change, and a clear vision for the future. We also consider factors such as the team's ability to adapt, communication skills, emotional intelligence, diversity, and their ability to execute and attract top talent.


A startup will only succeed if it scales. A large and expanding market can provide the necessary opportunities for a startup to scale and become a successful, larger company. We look for startups with an addressable market of at least CHF 100 million.


The success of a startup depends on the product. Is there a clear demand for the product? Is it solving a real problem or need in the market? How many people are already using the product? How have the key metrics developed over time? Does the product stand out from its competitors? What unique value does it offer?

Phase 2: Due Diligence

If the startup has successfully completed the Pre-Screening we conduct a Due Diligence and examine the following:
Business model: We evaluate the startup's business model, including how they intend to make money and their potential profitability.
Technology: We evaluate the technology used by the startup to solve problems, including its uniqueness and potential for replication.
Terms: We assess the valuation cap and other terms of the startup's offering to ensure they are appropriate for the startup's stage and traction.
Fact checking: We verify whether the key facts presented in the pitch are true.
Competition: What does the competitive landscape look like? Are there already established companies doing the same?

Phase 3: Decision

After conducting a thorough review of the company, we will determine if it is a suitable candidate for raising funds on Arcton. If we decide to move forward, we will prepare the necessary documentation and launch the campaign on the platform. We will also provide ongoing support and information to investors throughout the fundraising process.